NSTI Nanotech 2009

New Concepts for Manufacturing High Efficiency Flexible Solar Cells

S. Menezes
InterPhases Solar, Inc., US

Keywords: space power, CuInSe2, photovoltaic, flexible solar cell, electrodeposition, scalable, thin film, distributed power


InterPhases Solar presents a new low-cost pathway to make photovoltaic (PV) power a reliable and compelling energy resource. With a simpler device structure based on the exceptionally stable copper indium selenide (CIS) absorber and an inexpensive, scalable manufacturing method, the CISPV technology can provide (i) high-specific power, radiation tolerance and flexibility for space platforms, and (ii) production scalability, grid parity for terrestrial power generation. The key innovation transforms the optimal CIS PV absorber into an inexpensive, easily-manufacturable lightweight, flexible solar cell. It uses alternate CIS compounds to allow large-area fabrication, and provide better absorption in space. The CIS PV technology can offer performance, space compatibility and cost advantages over the leading PV technologies. It can meet specific needs for various government sectors, such as the DoD, DHS, NASA and DoE. Special CIS device architecture can provide high specific power, stowage efficiency and reliability for future space applications; enable efficient, reliable stationary or mobile electric power generation; allow CISPV integration into buildings, central power plants, transportation, spacecraft and satellites. Technology commercialization will impact the nationís security, environment and economic prosperity.
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