NSTI Nanotech 2009

A Solid State, Rechargeable Lithiu-Air Battery

B. Kumar, J. Kumar
University of Dayton, US

Keywords: Solid electroltes, charge and discharge, Coulombic efficiency,energy density


This paper will present novel,totally solid state, rechargeable lithium-oxygen battery cells. The cells comprized of a lithium anode, superionic membrane laminate fabricated from glass-ceramic and polymer-ceramic materials, and a solid state composite oxygen cathode prepared from high surface area carbon and ionically conducting glass-ceramic powder. These cells exihibited excellent thermal stability and rechageability in the 30-105C temperature range. They were subjected to many discharge and charge cycles and the coulombic efficiency ranged from 98-100%. The results represent a breakthrough in the quest of an ultra high energy density power source because the lithium-oxygen/air cell when fully developed could exceed specific energies of 1000 Wh/kg in practical configurations.
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