NSTI Nanotech 2009

Electrical Characteristics of Mesoporous Pure Silica Zeolite for 32 nm CMOS Interlayer Dielecric Films

T. Kikkawa
Hiroshima University, JP

Keywords: silylation, silica zeolite, low-k, self-assembly


Pure silica zeolite films were formed by self-assembly techniques using two different zeolite formation methods. One is hydrothermally crystallized zeolite nanoparticle formation using tetrabutyl ammonium hydroxide, tetraethyl orthosilicate and ethyl alcohol in a precursor. The other is vapor phase transport method which is a dry gel conversion of porous silica under a gas mixture of ethylenediamine and triethylamine and water. The effects of silylation hardening by tetramethylcyclotetrasiloxane vapor treatment on the electrical characteristics of pure silica zeolite films were investigated. It is found that both zeolite formation methods could achieve both higher elastic moduli and lower dielectric constants. Consequently, the dielectric constant of 1.96 and the elastic modulus of 5.18 GPa were obtained for the porous silica zeolite thin film.
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