NSTI Nanotech 2009

Laser desorption Mass Spectrometry of Nanoparticulates is rejeuvenated by combining Post-ionization of neutrals with Ion Mobility-orthogonal time of flight Mass Spectrometry

E.K. Lewis, T.F. Egan, K. Waters, A.J. Yates, J.F. Moore, C. Kittrell, S.R. Ripley, K. Ho, V. Womack, V. Khabashesku, R.H. Hauge, A.S. Woods, J.A. Schultz
Ionwerks, Inc., US

Keywords: Ion-mobility Mass Spectrometry, Nanomaterials, Nanotubes, Functionalized Synthesis of C60, MALDI matrices


Neutral plume species from LDI events are examined with an ion-mobility system coupled with a VUV beam line. The 7.86eV photon gently ionizes the 7.6eV C60 and/or C60 which has been functionalized. This provides a handle from which to observe and retain functional groups with minimal fragmentation. This, coupled into the 2D mobility space whereby size selection occurs before high speed mass spectrometry allows for a rapid, and real-time analysis of samples, and/or growth conditions of nanotubes. Futhermore, this technique has opened up imaging capabilities through the neutral plume allowing for utilizing novel nanomatrices for imaging peptides which are adduct free. This reduction of complexity of features observed will be of significant time saving in regards to sample analysis.
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