NSTI Nanotech 2009

Surface Plasmon Resonance fiber sensor for detection of biological targets and in situ monitoring of polyelectrolyte multi-layer deposition

Y. Shevchenko, C. Chen, D.A.D. Blair, T. Francis, M. DeRosa, N.U. Ahamad, G. Galway, A. Ianoul, J. Albert
Carleton University, CA

Keywords: surface plasmon resonance, sensor, biosensor, polyelectrolyte


The work presented in this study focuses on developing a Surface Plasmon Resonance sensor implemented in a standard optical fiber. The fiber based SPR sensor was first applied to detect the presence of biological analyte (molecules of thrombin protein) in aqueous solution. The sensor was then used to monitor in situ deposition of polyelectrolyte multilayer structure. To confirm SPR results Atomic Force Microscope scanning and fluorescence imaging were applied to analyze the surface of the sensor.
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