NSTI Nanotech 2009

Nodal Modeling of CMOS-MEMS Variable Capacitors

C.I. Lee, C.H. Wang, J. Reinke, T. Mukherjee
Industrial Technology Reseach Institute, TW

Keywords: NODAS, CMOS-MEMS, RF, variable capacitor


Nodal design of actuators and sensors (NODAS) provides a standard library of electromechanical elements which can used to construct SPICE models for MEMS devices. This paper presents a NODAS model for the latest CMOS-MEMS variable capacitor. A capacitance correction factor is introduced to account for the electric field distribution between two CMOS-MEMS capacitance beams. After applying the capacitance correction, the simulated NODAS results match well with experimental measurements.
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