NSTI Nanotech 2009

Using Gold Nanorod as a Luminescent Probe in Cell Imaging

D-S Wang, C-W Lin
National Taiwan University, TW

Keywords: gold nanorods, photoluminescence, membrane


Gold nanorods emit strong photoluminescence under infrared two-photon excitation. The photoluminescence of gold nanorods neither blinks as the quantum dots nor bleaches as fluorescence.In this article, we attempt to target the gold nanorods onto the cell membrane and visualize them using two photon excitation. The photoluminescence emitted by the nanorods will allow us to measure the membrane dynamics.The results indicate that the positively charged gold nanorods act very fast to attach the cell and emit strong photoluminescence. The gold nanorods remain roughly stable after 1h compared to the initial 5 minutes.
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