NSTI Nanotech 2009

Titanium as substrate for well-aligned MWCNT Forest

Y. Verde, A.M. Valenzuela-Muņiz, G.G. Botte
Ohio University/Instituto Tecnologico de Cancun, US

Keywords: carbon nanotubes, titanium, spray pyrolysis


Tailored nanostructured materials have been addressed toward development of new sustainable energy technologies. Multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) have valuable physical and chemical properties that allow their use in many applications, such as support in catalysts for energy and environmental issues. Many substrates, such as graphite, stainless steel, silicon oxide and oxide thin films have been used to grown carbon nanotubes. In this work, the synthesis of multiwall carbon nanotubes synthesized on titanium foil is described. Spray pyrolysis technique was used for MWCNTs synthesis as previously reported. Other modifications were made in the processes that enhanced the adherence of the MWCNTs on the Titanium substrate. Figure 1 shows a Scanning Electron Microscopy picture of the MWCNTs grown over the titanium substrate. Morphology studies from Transmission and Scanning electron microscopy shows length of 50 microns and diameters are between 50 and 100 nm. Also X Ray patterns will be discussed. MWCNT on titanium foil successfully synthesized are promising materials for applications in different areas such as fuel cells, wastewater treatment and hydrogen production.
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