NSTI Nanotech 2009

Interplay between simulation, theory, and experiment in inkjet printing of complex fluids

O.A. Basaran, P. Bhat, H. Gao, Q. Xu
Purdue University, US

Keywords: drop breakup, complex fluids, rheology


Motivated by research being carried out in the PIís group on inkjet printing of drops of complex fluids containing pharmaceutical active ingredients on edible substrates, this (invited) talk will focus on how computation, theory, and experiment are being used in concert to advance the state-of-the art in the field. Examples that will be used to highlight the computations will include construction of phase diagrams that help identify regions of the parameter space where high quality drops can be produced and efforts aimed at producing nanoscopic drops from microscopic nozzles. To tie the simulations and theory, the excellent agreement between computed predictions and scaling theories of pinch-off will be demonstrated. The excellent agreement between the simulation results and the experiments will be highlighted by means of photographs obtained with an imaging system that is capable of capturing 100 million frames per second. Since complex fluids cannot be characterized by their shear viscosity alone and drop formation involves predominantly extensional deformations, efforts underway to infer the extensional viscosity of such fluids will also be described.
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