NSTI Nanotech 2009

Oscillating field-actuated, biocompatible, multifunctional nano-reservoirs as cell function modulators in growing neurons

S. Ghosh, T. Cai, S. GhoshMitra, Z. Hu, N. Mills, D. Hynds
Southeast Missouri State University, US

Keywords: nanospheres, magnetism, neural cell, drug delivery


In the newly emerging field of magnetically tunable therapeutic applications, many groups have investigated the use of various organic coatings as a means of optimizing the delivery based on fast-responsive magnetic nanospheres; however, no study has been performed to assess the modulation of intracellular system performance by the encapsulated nanomagnets in an oscillating magnetic field exposure that actuates the swelling/shrinkage behavior plus regulates the temperature simultaneously to alter the cellular functions. The present work highlights on a novel, oscillating field actuated, thermo-reversible, polyethylene glycol biopolymer based nanosphere uptake, temperature regulation by oscillating field induced relaxation losses and cellular function alteration on cell line PC12, derived from rat Pheochromocytoma. Unaffected neurite growth at considerably higher concentration combined with nanoscale temperature regulation is achieved without compromising the thermo-reversibility, i.e. the drug loading capacity of the system. This neurite growth pattern at higher level of nanosphere internalization is especially promising for further studies with effect on primary neurons in terms of axon regeneration which is a challenging aspect of treatment for several neurodegenerative disorders. Since PEG is nontoxic and approved by the FDA for human use, this designed system is also promising for synergistic application of heat and sustained releasing capability of chemotherapeutic agents.
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