NSTI Nanotech 2009

Microfluidizer High Shear Processing

T. Panagiotou, K.J. Chomistek
Microfluidics Corporation, US

Keywords: nanosuspensions, emulsions, crystallization, high shear


Microfluidizer® high shear fluid processing technology is used for particle size reduction of suspensions and emulsions to sub-micron levels, and also for cell disruption. Based on the same platform, Microfluidics Reaction Technology (MRT - Nano50 award recepient) is used for the “bottom up” production of nanoparticles through chemical reactions and physical processes, such as crystallization. Both technologies are continuous can be used in line with upstream or downstream processes such as premixing, filtration, etc., and are consistent with Process Intensification principals. The heart of the technology is the interaction chamber which consists of “fixed geometry” microchannels. Flow through the chamber is characterized by high fluid velocities (up to 500 m/s) and subsequent impingement of fluid jets to the chamber walls or to one another. The technology ensures the production of formulations with the smallest particle size and the narrowest particle size distribution achievable compared to competeing technologies. The technology is fully scalable and has been used from lab scale to production of market drugs. Typical applications include injectables, inhalables, vaccine adjuvants and parenterals. A variety of options, such as steam sterility, cleanability and data acquisition capabilities so they are cGMP compliant and suitable for manufacturing a variety of pharmaceuticals.
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