NSTI Nanotech 2009

Electrochemical Detection of Proteins in Complex Samples with the E-DNA Scaffold Platform

K.J. Cash, F. Ricci, K.W. Plaxco
University of California Santa Barbara, US

Keywords: biosensor, electrochemical, DNA, antibody, diagnostic


We demonstrate here an approach that combines the electrochemical detection advantages of the E-DNA platform with the recognition properties of specific small receptors. This new detection technique uses the E-DNA platform as a scaffold system with flexibility which can be controlled through the DNA structures employed. Detection of targets has been shown with nM detection limits and rapid kinetics (~10 min exponential time constants). Additionally, this platform functions in complex samples such as 50% blood serum (a representative medical sample), 5% w/v soil suspension (a representative environmental sample) and 50% beer (a representative foodstuff sample).
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