NSTI Nanotech 2009

High-Speed Room Temperature Curing of Metallic Inks

S. Farnsworth, K. Schroder, D. Pope
NovaCentrix, US

Keywords: nanoparticle, curing, conductive, printed


A novel technology initially developed for curing nanoparticle metal inks as used for printed electronics is presented. This technology results in dramatically increased electrical conductivities for metallic inks, including as printed on low-temperature substrates such as PET, PVC, and paper. Initially developed for processing nanoparticle inks, this technology is now capable of improving the performance of even conventional flake-based metal conductive inks. In this way, what was initially a nano-focused technology is now adding broader value to the printed electronics sector. The technology has recently been commercialized into a line of drying, sintering, and annealing tools capable of processing materials in excess of 100 meters/minute with roll-to-roll manufacturing. Applications are being developed in areas such as thin-film PV, RFID, displays, and smart packaging.
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