NSTI Nanotech 2009

Human Health Effects of Nanomaterials

D.A. Jones, O.B. Koper, M.J. Winter
NanoScale Corporation, US

Keywords: nanomaterials, nanocrystalline metal oxides, toxicological, human skin, body fluid, chemical warfare agent, lung epithelial cells


NanoScale Corporation manufactures a proprietary blend of nanocrystalline metal oxide powders called FAST-ACT. Which was developed to be highly reactive against chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals. An intensive toxicological study in conjunction with the Kansas State University determined the dermal penetration ability and effect on human epithelial cells of FAST-ACT and its components. The first area of focus for the project was to determine the ability of the nanocrystalline materials to pass through human skin. Quantitative testing was completed to determine the penetration of FAST-ACT, a FAST-ACT/water mixture, and a FAST-ACT/water/surfactant mixture through human skin. The FAST-ACT/water mixture and the FAST-ACT/water/surfactant mixture were tested to simulate the application of water and FAST-ACT to the skin or respectively water, soap, and FAST-ACT. Additionally, the affinity of the lipids in skin for the nanocrystalline material was tested by octanol/water partitioning studies. The second area of focus of the project was the effect of inhaled FAST-ACT on the human lung. The solubility of FAST-ACT in various body fluid simulants was tested. Additionally, the effect of FAST-ACT, as well as FAST-ACT with adsorbed chemical warfare agent reaction products on lung epithelial cells will be discussed.
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