NSTI Nanotech 2009

Synthesis and Characterization of Linear- Dendron Macromolecules: A Novel Non-Biofouling System

M.J.L. Felipe, R. Ponnapati, P. Dutta, R.C. Advincula
University of Houston, US

Keywords: dendron, carbazole, nonbiofouling, protein adsorption


This study is aimed at presenting an alternative and versatile approach in fabricating a bioinert surface that offers nanoscale control over the thin film architecture. By introducing PEGylated carbzole dendron macromolecules, this study provides a novel and unique opportunity to engineer surfaces at the molecular level. The overall objective of this work is to create biocompatible surfaces by modifying with PEGylated dendron macromolecules that could be electrochemically grafted on different substrates suited for biomedical applications. The predictable shape of each dendron generation provides a new approach in studying the PEG conformation at the surface. Their main structural features include: (a) dendronized carbazole moiety which can be electrografted on the surface and (b) peripheral hydroxyl groups for further modification. This study provides a novel way of manipulating the architecture of a protein-resistant film at the molecular level. SPR kinetic studies showed that the film prepared from the higher generation PEGylated dendron showed the best resistant film.
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