NSTI Nanotech 2009

Real-Time and Label Free Direct Sensing of Important Drug Molecules Using Nanostructured Polymeric Thin Films of Novel Conducting Polymers

R. Pernites, P. Dutta, R. Advincula
University of Houston, US

Keywords: molecular imprinting, SPR sensing, electrochemistry-SPR, electropolymerization


Nanostructured, smart polymer thin film was developed for selective, sensitive and label-free sensing of theophylline, paracetamol, and naproxen by non-covalent molecular imprinting (MIP) approach using only one monomer, which also acts as a cross-linker as well as provides binding functionality with the guest molecule (called template). In this work, a new swellable conducting polymer was used to fabricate the MIP sensor film using cyclic potential growth electropolymerization technique instead of widely used chemical polymerization technique and the growth of the polymer film was monitored by in-situ electrochemistry-surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy (EC-SPR) technique to characterize its electrochemical and optical properties. Also, a more efficient and faster way of removing the template was demonstrated without applying a harsh solvent condition, which leads to better sensitivity of analyte detection.
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