NSTI Nanotech 2009

Anti-Corrosion Nanotechnology Solutions for Army Logistics

L.M. Ericson, C. Huffman, J. Ozols, T. Key, D. Reynolds, R.S. Kidwell
ManTech Information Systems & Technology, US

Keywords: nanotechnology, corrosion, materials, defense, military, army, analysis, testing, application, technology transition


An overview of the “Anti-Corrosion Nanotechnology Solutions for Logistics” project will be presented. The project is a recently initiated Army effort, sponsored by the U.S. Army Logistics Innovation Agency. Its goal is to develop a structured approach to nanotechnology solutions that will assist Army future forces overcome corrosion problems. These solutions will provide a roadmap for the Army logistics community to engage in opportunities to achieve a long-term, coordinated approach to combating corrosion. Such an integrated approach across policy, procedure, research and development, and acquisition will better utilize Army resources and technology to fight corrosion. The presentation will provide an overview of objectives and goals, highlight primary tasks, and emphasize opportunities for stakeholder dialogue and collaboration.
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