NSTI Nanotech 2009

Making Hands-on Nanoscale Science and Engineering Education a Broader Reality with the NanoInk NanoProfessor

J.R. Ireland
NanoInk, Inc., US

Keywords: Nanofabrication, education, dip pen nanolithography, DPN, NLP


Despite the clear importance of a skilled nanotech workforce to the future prosperity of our country, hands-on nanotechnology is not being effectively taught. NanoInk has recently developed a Nano Lithography Platform (NLP) that lends itself to educational settings. It is an accessible, desktop system that can be used in an ordinary environment requiring no special clean room or facilities, and has easy to use software to control it. With the NLP students can start patterning at the nanoscale quickly. To be truly effective the hardware serves as the driver for a curriculum teaching fundamentals of science and engineering, and how these apply at the nanoscale. Because of the nature of working at the nanoscale, the curriculum will stress interdisciplinary thinking to solve problems confronted at this scale. This entire package of instrumentation and curriculum designed to broaden hands-on nanoscale science and engineering education and workforce preparation is what NanoInk calls the NanoProfessorô.
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