NSTI Nanotech 2009

Silane-Free, Solid Pre-cursor For SiC deposition

M. Davies
Sixtron Advanced Materials Inc, CA

Keywords: silicon carbide, solid pre-cursor, PECVD


Sixtron Advanced Materials has commercialized a technology to produce Silicon Carbide coatings on an industrial scale without the requirement to use hazardous and pyrophoric silane gas (SiH4). Our innovative process is not only cost effective, but simple for customers to deploy on existing PECVD and CVD deposition tools. Sixtron is targeting thin film coating applications that require large scale and cost-effective solutions such as the photovoltaic, electronics and industrial coatings sectors. Sixtron thin films have excellent mechanical as well as optical properties, and can be deposited without the complex requirements associated with the use of silane gas.
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