NSTI Nanotech 2009

Plasmon nanoparticle-generated photothermal bubbles as universal biomedical agents

E.Y. Hleb, N.A. Yakush, J.H. Hafner, R.A. Drezek, J.A. McNew, D.O. Lapotko
A.V.Lykov Heat & Mass Transfer Institute, BY

Keywords: nanoparticles, laser, bubble


We report the concept and preliminary experimental evaluation of the new optical methods and agent, whose properties provide tunable effect from non-invasive optical sensing to selective mechanical damage at nano-scale and in living tissues and cells. Such agent uses the energy of light and heat at nanoscale as the plasmonic nanoparticle-generated photothermal vapor bubble (PTB). Plasmonic nanoparticle when activated with laser pulse acts as a heat source and generates the PTB. PTB of nano-size acts as optical probe by scattering the light and as therapeutic agent by local disruptive mechanical impact. Combination of the biological safety of gold nanoparticles, on-demand nature and temporal and spatial nano-scales of the PTBs significantly improves the safety, sensitivity and selectivity of the research, diagnostics of the therapy and surgery. We report cell level studies of the PTBs that have proved more than 1000 fold amplification of optical scattering by the PTBs without the damage to host cells and selective damage to target cells by the bigger PTBs though without collateral damage. The PTB were also evaluated at micro-tissue level and for animal model and have demonstrated high selectivity of their action.
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