NSTI Nanotech 2009

Energy Activities in the Department of Defense

M. Merzig
Booz Allen Hamilton, US

Keywords: Department of Defense, contracting, proposal, funding, technology transition


Significant energy activities are taking place in the Department of Defense (DoD). Across a wide array of defense entities, energy consumption, energy efficiency and carbon emissions are becoming a primary driver of change. Renewable energy is often at the center of todayís DoD discussions and includes domains such as new energy technology, major defense system procurements, project management approach or even innovative policy and doctrine changes. These activities present a full suite of opportunities for the renewable industry to address, while at the same time supporting greater national goals of energy independence from foreign sources of oil and cheap reliable sources of clean energy. Development methodologies and other useful tools to get past this transition hurdle will be presented based upon our firmís significant technology incubation experience as well as our background supporting DoD energy programs. We have significant experience within the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), Air Force, Army and Navy energy programs and have supported many of them since their inception. Also, because each service has different strategic objectives as they apply to renewable energy technology, understanding these sometimes subtle differences are critical to a technology developerís success. In addition to supporting the military services throughout their energy program development, we have visibility into how best to introduce renewable energy concepts to each respective service. We intend to clearly match the various stages of renewable energy technology development together with the appropriate government agency. We also intend to discuss how early information exchanges (as defined by the Federal Acquisition Regulations) between government program managers and renewable energy technology developers prior to proposal submission can improve communications and potentially yield more successful proposal writing. In summary, renewable energy developers should gain a greater understanding of what the DoD is looking for, their long term strategic objectives, and how to potentially obtain project funding.
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