NSTI Nanotech 2009

Carbon Nanotubes Reinforcing Electrospun Composites for Bone Substitution

F.Z. Volpato, S.L.F. Ramos, L.A. Belfiore, C. Migliaresi
University of Trento, IT

Keywords: CNT, electrospinning, composites, bone


The work presents the production and characterization of electrospun composites of Poly Amide 6/Carbon nanotubes for bone substitutions purposes. The aim of the research is to manufacture bone substitute scaffolds, which are able to mimic the mechanical properties of bone while allow the flow of nutrients through the scaffold. The electrospinning process has allowed us to manufacture anisotropic nets, of pure polymer and CNT reinforced. Carbon nanotubes have being used to reinforce the electrospun nanofibers due to its particular mechanical properties. The main idea on the project is to superpose several electrospun sheets to produce thicker composites with well know mechanical properties due to the superposition at diverse angles. The results have shown important evolution on this topic. The anisotropic behavior of the nets and the improvement on the mechanical properties by the addition of CNT were shown. Previous biological assays were run and shown no cytotoxicity.
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