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Merck Innovation Symposium: siRNA Delivery

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Symposium Sessions


Monday June 2


Tuesday June 3

 Merck Innovation Symposium: siRNA Delivery
3:30 Merck Innovation Symposium: siRNA Delivery
6:30 Merck Innovation Symposium Reception

Wednesday June 4


Thursday June 5


Symposium Program


Tuesday June 3

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Merck Innovation Symposium: siRNA DeliveryExhibit Hall C
- Labile Catalytic Packaging and Delivering of Short Interference RNA to Cancer Cells: Control of Gold Nanoparticles “out” of RNA Complexes
A.M. Chen, O. Taratula, D. Wei, T. Minko, H. He, Rutgers, The State of New Jersey, US
- In vitro transfection efficiency of chitosan nanoparticles for gene delivery
M. Malhotra, A. Kulamarva, S. Sebak, J. Bhathena, S. Prakash, McGill University, CA
- Toward in vivo Targeting Delivery of siRNA for Efficient Cancer Therapy
O. Taratula, P. Kirkpatrick, R. Salva, I. Pandya, T. Minko, H. He, Rutgers-Newark University, US
- SiRNA for Therapeutic Immuno-modulation: Simultaneous Delivery of Cytokine-targeted SiRNA and DNA Antigens to Dendritic Cells using Polymer Microcarriers
A. Singh, H. Nie, B. Ghosn, K. Roy, The University of Texas at Austin, US
- Multilayered ABCD Nanoparticles for siRNA delivery
M. Thanou, A. Miller, Imperial College London, UK
- Delivery systems for enhanced siRNA delivery
A-L. Bolcato-Bellemin, M-E. Bonnet, J-P. Behr, P. Erbacher, Polyplus-transfection, FR
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3:30 Merck Innovation Symposium: siRNA DeliveryRoom 208
3:30 Introduction: siRNA Delivery
A. Sachs, Merck, US
3:40 Development of a new RNAi therapeutics platform
J. Kamens, W. Salomon, H. Baigude, J. McCarroll, C.-S. Yang, P. Swain, T. Rana, T. Woolf, D. Samarsky, P. Pavco, RXi Pharmaceutical, US
4:00 Amphoteric liposomes are a platform for multi-organ delivery of oligonucleotides
C. Reinsch, U. Rauchhaus, S. Panzner, novosom AG, DE
4:20 Oral Delivery of Map4K4 siRNA to Macrophages Inhibits TNF alpha Production and Protects against a LPS-Galactosamine Challenge in Mice
M. Aouadi, G. Tesz, E. Soto, M. Wang, S. Nicoloro, G. Ostroff, M. Czech, University of Massachusetts Medical School, US
4:40 Systemic Delivery of Targeted, siRNA-Containing Nanoparticles for the Treatment of Solid Tumors: Concept to Clinic
J.D. Heidel, J.Y-C. Liu, R.K. Zeidan, Y. Liang, S. Rele, M.E. Davis, Calando Pharmaceuticals, US
5:00 Targeting and Delivery of siRNA using Nanoparticles Fabricated via the PRINT Process
D.A. Canelas, X. Gao, S. Tian, P.A. Ropp, J.M. DeSimone, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, US
5:20 Long-Circulating Micelle-like DNA-encapsulating Nanoparticles for Systemic Gene Delivery
Y.T. Ko, W.C.A. Kale, V.P. Torchilin, Northeastern University, US
5:40 Efficient siRNA Delivery by Secondary and Tertiary Amine Modified Polysaccharides
B. Ghosn, A. Singh, K. Roy, The University of Texas at Austin, US
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6:30 Merck Innovation Symposium ReceptionRoom 208


This symposium will focus on enabling technologies that can be applied to the efficient delivery of siRNA in vivo which results in reduced levels of specific mRNAs/proteins. In addition, technologies useful for the accelerated development of siRNA containing therapeutics are relevant. Specific areas of interest include:

Topics & Application Areas

Online abstract submissions are now being accepted. Proposed topics include, but are not be limited to:

  • Biodegradable delivery components with low levels of toxicity
  • Delivery systems for multiple tissues
  • Delivery approaches amenable to alternate routes of administration
  • Enhanced siRNA delivery using molecular targeting strategies
  • Improved siRNA intracellular trafficking, endosomal escape and RISC incorporation
  • Advanced siRNA structures which improve in vivo potency, stability, duration of action, specificity and toxicity profiles
  • Whole animal methods for efficiently evaluating biodistribution and gene silencing
  • Analytical methods for the physical and chemical characterization of complex assemblies
  • Other


For more information, please contact:

Reid J. Leonard, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Licensing & External Research
BMB 3-410, Merck Research Laboratories
33 Avenue Louis Pasteur
Boston, MA 02115
Phone: 617-992-2321

To become a Corporate Symposium Sponsor such as Merck, or to present a Corporate Needs Presentation, please contact Jennifer Rocha at