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Cericol, Colorobbia Research Centre

Cericol, Colorobbia Research Centre

Gruppo Colorobbia (Colorobbia Group) is a world business company in the field of ceramics; in particular, where the ceramic market is present, it produces and sells all related chemicals starting from raw material to frits (glass component of the glaze) and pigments. Today Gruppo Colorobbia has a turnover of 450,000 million Euro and 1,800 employees.
Colorobbia Italia is one of the companies of the group. Starting from 1999, an internal advanced research laboratory (CE.RI.COL.) has been strategically developed in the premises of Colorobbia Italia. CE.RI.COL. is devoted to different fields of nanomaterial and special glass research. CE.RI.COL. manages more than 15 project lines in different fields of application: textile, ceramic, glass, catalysis, energy, surface coating, biomedical and pharmaceutical.

Colorobbia Italia is expert in industrial production of nanoparticles via solution chemistry and the advanced research laboratory is particularly active in the research on nanoparticle synthesis and characterisation. One of the most important fields of research involves the nano TiO2 production and their applications due to the photocatalitic properties of TiO2. Hence CE.RI.COL. activity is focused on production scaling up and surface functionalization with TiO2. CE.RI.COL. can control the production of TiO2 nanoparticles thought the modification of synthesis’ parameters. CE.RI.COL.’s ability to control the entire process lead to nanomaterials with defined morphologies, dimensions, crystalline phases and specific properties in term of catalytic behaviour and electric properties.

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