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Nanotech Finland

Nanotech Finland

FinNano programme was launched by Tekes in 2005. The total volume of the programme is approx. 70 million euros, including € 25 million in research funding,and € 20 million in corporate financing from Tekes. The duration of the programme is five years, 2005 – 2009. The programme is carried out in close collaboration with Academy of Finland’s Nanoscience Research Programme.

The FinNano programme studies, exploits and commercialises nanoscale systems and phenomena occurring on a nanoscale. Nanotechnology is horizontal and enabling and is associated with a minimum of three things: scale, functionality and the controllability of nanostructure. The approach is genuinely multidisciplinary.

The objective of the programme is to strengthen Finnish nanotechnology research in selected focus areas and to accelarate the commercial development of nanotechnology in Finland. The programme emphasizes effective use of research results and promotes close collaboration between research and industry.

The programme current portfolio includes over 60 research and industrial technology development projects. Research is lead by high-level consortia with excellent co-operation with both international research organisations and industry. In total, the programme involves over 100 companies.

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