2008 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2008 - 11th Annual

Partnering Events:

TechConnect Summit
Clean Technology 2008

Sukgyung A-T Co., Ltd.

Sukgyung A-T Co., Ltd.

As a Nano Pioneer, Sukgyung A-T specializes in the developing and manufacturing various innovative and cost-effective inorganic powder and sol, which is dispersed in certain solvent or water customized to the needs of the industry.

Main Products & Industries:

  • Spherical SiO2: Toner, coating
  • Conductive Nano Silver Inks & Pastes: RFID, Solar Cells, FPC, PCB
  • Nano Silver Coating: Metallic Silver Coating for Window of Cellular Phone, GPS
  • Nano YbF3, Barium Glass, Strontium Glass: Dental Filler
  • ATO, GIZO, ZnO: UV/IR Block Film
  • Colloidal Silver Dispersion in Water or Solvent: Antimicrobial Coating: Special Coating
  • TiO2, ZnO: Cosmetic UV Block

Sukgyung A-T customizes this nano technology to fit customer’s specific needs, making your business more efficient and profitable.

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