2008 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2008 - 11th Annual

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picoDrill SA

picoDrill SA

Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, picoDrill SA provides new micromachining techniques for the fast, reproducible and cost-effective production of hole structures with aspect ratios up to 330 in glass and other dielectric materials. picoDrill developed the proprietary ‘Electrothermal Selffocussing’ (ETF) method, which allows the controlled heating and evaporation of precisely defined volumes in dielectric materials. Variants of this method have been introduced to address particular customer needs such as hole geometries and depth, process speed and material parameters.

Highlighted Products and Services

  • Free of chemicals and clean-room requirements
  • Works with curved and even irregular surfaces
  • Ready for mass-production
  • Structures: Through-holes (channels), wells and arrays thereof with unique aspect ratios up to 330 (current standard < 10) and adaptable entrance geometries
  • Diameter: 100 nm – 25 mm; theoretical minimum ~5 nm
  • Channel length: 1 – 1000 mm (glass)
  • Highly reproducible hole parameters (typical error <1%)
  • Short process time and simple parallelisation
    Process time varies with structure depth and material, ~250 msec/100 um (glass)
    Arrays up to 100 processing elements can be realized
  • Inexpensive – below 0.0001 USD/structure (factor >100 000 below current prices for structures in amorphous dielectrics)
    Major cost contributor for automated processes: set-up cost only

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