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JSAP - the Japan Society of Applied Physics

JSAP - the Japan Society of Applied Physics

JSAP originated from a voluntary forum of researchers belonging to the University of Tokyo and the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, who were interested in discussing how to apply scientific and technological theories to the actual world. The subjects discussed covered a very wide range of scientific fields, such as Physics, Electronics, Mechanics, Metallurgy, Chemistry, and various interdisciplinary areas. These discussions resulted in the publication of the monthly journal \"OYO BUTSURI\" in 1932. \"OYO BUTSURI,\" which means Applied Physics in Japanese, was the first technical journal in the world using the title Applied Physics, reflecting the founders’ recognition of the importance of the interaction between Physics and Engineering. \"OYO BUTSURI\" continued to be published as a valuable information source for many researchers even in the difficult period during and immediately following World War II.

JSAP was established as an official academic society in 1946, and since then, it has been a leading academic society in Japan. The society’s interests cover a broad variety of scientific and technological fields, and JSAP continues to explore state-of-the-art and interdisciplinary topics.

Sponsor of the Nanofabrication Technologies, Devices and Applications Symposium — NanoFab 2008.

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