2008 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2008 - 11th Annual

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Evans Analytical Group

Evans Analytical Group

Evans Analytical Group (EAG) is the global leader in surface analysis, materials characterization, and trace elemental analysis, serving industries such as semiconductors, telecommunications, medical devices, lasers/optics, data storage, metals/alloys, aerospace/defense, photovoltaics and more. We have expanded our solution suite to over 30 major analytical techniques and services via 20 EAG locations worldwide. We are pleased to have acquired and merged the following highly respected analytical labs into the EAG network: Applied Microanalysis Labs, AMIA Labs, AMER Labs, Cascade Scientific Labs, DSL Labs, MAS Labs, MEFAS, SHIVA Technologies, Thin Film Analysis and White Mountain Labs. Techniques available include dynamic SIMS (both quadrupole and magnetic sector), TOF-SIMS (up to 200 mm), XPS, AES (up to 300 mm), FTIR, GDMS, ICP_OES, LA-ICP-MS, TEM, STEM, SEM/EDS, FIB (up to 200 mm), TXRF (up to 300 mm), AFM/SPM, RBS (NRA, HFS, PIXE and channeling), Raman, and GC/MS. Our extensive fleet of instruments provides capacity that enables fast turn around time, superior data quality and excellent detection limits.

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