2008 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2008 - 11th Annual

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Functionalized quantum dot-liposome hybrid nanoparticles for cancer

W.T. Al-Jamal, K.T. Al-Jamal, K. Kostarelos
Nanomedicine Laboratory, UK

liposomes, quantum dots, tumor imaging

Functionalized quantum dots (f-QD) are being explored in biomedicine as fluorescent probes of intracellular compartments and for cell labelling and tracking in vivo. In this work, we report engineering of functionalized quantum dot-liposome (f-QD-L) hybrid nanoparticles by encapsulating polyethylene glycol-coated QD in the internal aqueous phase of different lipid bilayer vesicles. f-QD-L maintained the QD fluorescent characteristics as confirmed by fluorescence spectroscopy, agarose gel electrophoresis and confocal laser scanning microscopy. Cationic f-QD-L hybrids led to dramatic improvements in cellular binding and internalization as was observed in tumor cell monolayer cultures. Also, deeper penetration into 3-dimensional multicellular spheroids was obtained for f-QD-L by modifying appropriately the lipid bilayer characteristics of the hybrid system. Furthermore, f-QD-L were injected intratumorally into solid tumor xenografts leading to extensive fluorescent staining of tumor cells compared to injections of the f-QD alone. We believe that f-QD-L hybrid nanoparticles can constitute a versatile tool for very efficient labelling of cells ex vivo and in vivo, particularly when long-term imaging and tracking of cells is sought. Moreover, f-QD-L offer many opportunities for the development of combinatory therapeutic and imaging modalities by incorporating both drug molecules and QD within the different compartments of a single vesicle.

Nanotech 2008 Conference Program Abstract