2008 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2008 - 11th Annual

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Effect of ions on the stability of lipid based inverse microemulsions

L. de Viguerie, V. Goust, G.-J. Goudappel, A. Petukhov, K. Velikov
Unilever Food & Health Research Institute, NL


Microemulsions are interesting self-assembly systems both from fundamental and applied point of view. They are found in many of industrial applications ranging from oil recovery to cosmetics. Microemulsions are also widely used for various chemical reactions like polymerisation, enzymatic reactions, and nanomaterials syntheses. Their stability and dynamics can be affected due to the presence high concentration of mono-, di- and trivalent ions. Here we present initial results on stability of lipid-based inverse microemulsions containing high levels of different inorganic salts dissolved in the aqueous phase. The ion dynamics, as studied by NMR, showed rather complex behaviour due to the presence of a co-surfactant. The influence of pH and temperature on the stability of the system was also investigated. The area of stability were determined and correlated to changes in the droplet size.

Nanotech 2008 Conference Program Abstract