2008 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2008 - 11th Annual

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Electrification of Tribal Village with Biogas Based Power Generation System

K.S Jothi, V.R. Eswaran
Non-Conventional Energy And Rural Development (NERD) Society, IN

tribal village, electrification, biogas, green house gases

The floating steel drum model biogas plant was introduced by the Khadi and Village Industries Commission popularly known as KVIC model during 1960 in India. This design of biogas plant was the only popular design for for more than 3 decades and the main problem faced by the KVIC design is the corrosion in the steel gas holder. In order to avoid the corrosion problem, the fixed dome type biogas plants which are constructed as full masonry structures was released by Tamilnadu Agricultural University, which is very cheap and efficient. On the application of biogas for power generation, there is lot of scope for village electrification since still about one lakh villages are not yet electrified out of about six lakh villages. Particularly for the tribal electrication programme, biogas will be boon to electrify the remote tribal settlements where they are sufficient numbers of cattle. A remote tribal village located in Amaravathi forest rage of Coimbatore district( Tamilnadu state of India) is being electried with biogas which shows an example for reduction of GHG emission. A 90 cum capacity size biogas plants were installed for 5 KW power generation and also to meet the cooking demand of 96 tribal families.

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