2008 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2008 - 11th Annual

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Biogas based power generation from fruit and vegetable waste through bi-phasic digestion

S. Kamaraj

market waste, bi-phasic digestion, shredding, size reduction

In a town like Pollachi with two big vegetable markets, about 2-4 tonnes of vegetable market waste (VMW) is produced daily. Safe disposal of these wastes is a big problem to the civic bodies. However, these wastes are very good feedstock for biogas production. The biphasic anaerobic systems was tried to handle vegetable market waste for biogas production and composted the residue for manure purpose. The VMW collected daily was shredded into bits of one cm long and fed into one of the two acid reactors along with 1200 litre of water for fermentation and leachate production. The leachate was drained into leachate pit and pumped into methane reactor for biomethanation. The acid reactor was again loaded with VMW and water as before for its second cycle of operation. Following the above procedure the second acid reactor was started loading with VMW and water for leachate production after eight days of starting the first acid reactor. Through the study it was concluded that Vegetable waste can be used for biogas production using biphasic system.. The biogas and methane yields are .511.8 and 352.7 l/ kg COD des respectively with a COD reduction of 75.6 % and 29.9 l/kg VMW fed.

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