2008 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2008 - 11th Annual

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Nanostructure Fabrication: Challenges of Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approaches

S. Tiwari
Cornell University, US

fabrictation, nanotechnology, molecular scale, interfaces

Nanoscale applications draw on the novel properties of atomic and molecular scale, and of interfaces, across the disciplines of physical and life sciences. Control, precise measurement, and engineered use, can provide improved efficiencies, reduced energy consumption, reduced use of materials, detection and alleviation of contamination, diagnosis and cures for diseases, etc. - directions with major societal impact and breadth and with an impact potentially larger than that of microelectronics of the last century. This breadth brings interesting challenges in the fabrication world that are broader than that of electronic integrated circuits. Both top-down, such as various patterned lithography approaches, and bottom-up, such as self-assembly techniques, are relevant, with their appropriateness tied to their practical and fundamental characteristics. Among the properties that are clearly unfavorable are those related to control as size dimensions decrease and one encounters increased statistical problems. Beam techniques, additionally, are costlier and slower. Self-assembly techniques, such as use of block co-polymers, have short-range and long-range order problems. All these are directly tied to the connection between energy, statistical distributions, and error rates. The challenge is finding the right combination for the application. This talk will concentrate on this theme that ties fundamental to the practical.

Nanotech 2008 Conference Program Abstract