2008 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2008 - 11th Annual

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Ultra Apex Mill - Nanodispersion

M. Inkyo
Marubeni Techno-Systems Corp./ Marubeni Techno-Systems America, Inc., JP

dispersing grinding, dispersion, Centri-Separator

We offer Ultra Apex Mill which can be used for dispersion and grinding to the market. History: In 1995 we developed a centrifugal separation method for bead separation to achieve the world’s smallest bead size (0.1mm). In 2005 we released new bead separation system, Ultra Apex Mill nano-dispersing mill for 0.015mm bead. Features: With Centri-Separator, mediums of very small particles like 0.015mm can be used. You can materialize more and more effective and precise dispersion in the field of NANOTECHNOLOGY. Nano-dispersion is done under condition of low power and raw materials are dispersed in low temperature. Moreover, dispersion power can be controlled. As a result of them, raw materials can be dispersed into primary nano-particles with surface condition and material property unchanged. Adopting epoch-making centrifuge method, not using slits or screens which may cause clogging, you can enjoy stable operation. Pressure to supply raw material to mill is only 0.05-0.1MPa and it also contributes to stable operation. Application: Organic Pigment(liquid Crystal, Inkjet), Titanium Oxide(UV Cutting, Optical Catalyst), Zinc Oxide(Cosmetic, Fuel cell, BaTiO3(Capacitor), Medicine, Metal, etc…l

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