2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

Park Systems

Park Systems

PSIA, a spin-off of Park Scientific Instruments founded in 1988 by the original innovators and pioneers of Scanning Probe Microscope, is an industry leader in AFM/SPM technology. PSIA provides advanced AFM/SPM/NSOM products for industry and research. With the arrival of our first product, the XE-100, non-contact AFM has become the most feasible and practical way to scan your samples with ultimate AFM resolution and reliability. Both XE-100 and XE-150, for small and large samples respectively, are advanced laboratory AFM/SPM tools for non-contact metrology in data storage, semiconductors, nanoscience, materials science, polymers, and electrochemistry. XE-120 extends all the benefits of XE-100/150 to life science, including biological sample imaging, molecular interaction, biological system dynamics, manipulation and many more. XE-200 and XE-300(P) are trend-setting industrial products for critical metrology applications. Our product lines also include the XE-LCD series, one of our total AFM inline automation solutions for our industry clients. PSIA is represented by distributors worldwide, and our dedicated scientists and engineers are experienced SPM professionals, readily available to render support and assistance for our customer’s needs.

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