2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

NanoSelect, Inc.

NanoSelect, Inc.

NanoSelect is an advanced technology company revolutionizing water quality monitoring through the introduction of an automated system of highly accurate, multi-parameter microchip sensors for deployment in a water distribution system. Our products incorporate proprietary nano-scale technologies to offer breakthroughs in sensor performance, size, and price. The superior analytical performance and durability of our nano-based sensors eliminates the need for costly reagents and routine calibration enabling field deployment for up to six months without replacement. The small footprint and low cost of manufacturing also makes our sensor the first available for integration into third party products such as water meters, pipes, purification systems, faucet fixtures, and other related devices.

The sensors are wireless and network ready and can provide real-time, continuous monitoring of a water distribution system from its source to its point of use. The sensors work in combination with a diagnostic/data management software application that automates the labor-intensive and often inaccurate water testing currently performed, providing customers with real-time, actionable water quality information at significantly lower costs.

NanoSelect is developing sensors for multiple markets including the water utilities and industrial applications where water quality plays a critical role in processing. Future opportunities also exist for a second generation, low cost, widely deployed sensors for commercial and residential applications.

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