2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

NanoWater: Past, Present and Future

Kevin M. McGovern

Kevin M. McGovern

Chairman and CEO of McGovern Capital LLC

Kevin M. McGovern recently launched The Water Initiative, which will aggregate complementary nanotechnologies to go to market with core products, addressing health-related potable water issues. He is Chairman and CEO of McGovern Capital LLC, which provides Intellectual Property Rights strategy and originates, structures, and implements capital formation, joint ventures, and business alliances. Mr. McGovern is also the chairman of Greenwich Alliances, Ltd., which specializes in the formulation and negotiation of strategic alliances and has participated in over 25 business alliances worldwide, including four alliances in China. He is the owner and managing partner of the law firm McGovern & Associates, located in New York, New York.

Mr. McGovern is a founder and/or key shareholder in over 20 companies, and five of the companies he co-founded – all based on proprietary technologies – are currently leaders in their respective industry’s product categories. These companies include SOBE Beverages (sold to Pepsi); TriStrata, the worldwide owner of all Intellectual Property to Alpha Hydroxy Acids comprising the single most successful technology in skin care history and KX Industries, the world leader in consumer carbon, water and air filters. KX is a leader in nanowater products. He is also Co-Chairman of Angstrom Publishing which publishes with Forbes worldwide “The Forbes/Wolfe Nanotech Report”. He is the Chief Strategist of Aquea Scientific which provides nanotech “wash-on additives” to a spectrum of consumer products and was recently awarded the Health & Beauty Aides “Technology of the Year” for 2006. He formerly served on the Board of the Sports Authority (NYSE) and Nobel Education (NYSE).

Mr. McGovern has served on Cornell’s Board of Trustees since 2001 and serves as Co-Chairman of the Technology/IP Committee. He teaches at the Cornell/Johnson Graduate Business School, a course entitled “Global Innovation and Commercialization”. Mr. McGovern was also recently named the Cornell worldwide “Entrepreneur of the Year” for 2006/2007. (AB Cornell University, JD St. John’s University School of Law).

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