2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

Cost Saving Strategies – Using a project planning process that can integrate capital and operational spending into a Nanofabrication Business Plan

A. Gregg and M. Strnad
Abbie Gregg, Inc., US

business modeling, case analysis, nanotechnology

AGI will show how a project planning process that includes a business case analysis for Nanofabrication buildings can help with many of the design, construction and operational decisions for the buildings. The typical building project often focuses only on capital costs and timing. Items such as the costs of the equipment, cost of the building, and a general timeline are often considered. However, how the building design can affect the equipment start up process and ongoing operating costs are often overlooked. Items such as facilities cost, equipment maintenance, consumables, product yield, and personnel need to be considered to realistically evaluate the alternatives. AGI will illustrate several examples using a computer program (AGI’s CARME model) to calculate a high-level income and expense model. AGI’s Jupiter model can then be used to get into specific operational costs. By using both models, tradeoffs can be evaluated to optimize the long and short term costs of running a facilities and building product. Attendees will learn how to uses the two models to analyze the income and expenses for a Nanofabrication Operation, how to use these analyses to make decisions on design, construction and operational strategies, and how to forecast product costs under a variety of circumstances.

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