2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

Nanomedicine: Engineering of a Tri-Imageable Nanoparticle

A. Bumb, M.W. Brechbiel, P. Choyke, L. Fugger and P.J. Dobson
National Cancer Instiute and University of Oxford, UK

USPIO, MR, optical, radio, imaging, nanoparticle

We have created a potential targeted drug delivery platform with three imaging reporters by coupling the magnetic properties of USPIOs with near infrared fluorescence of Cy5.5 and gamma emissions of Indium-111 that is chelated to a targeting antibody. The nanoparticles have been characterized for surface charge by zeta potential measurements, structure by transmission electron microscopy, optical response by fluorescence spectrophotometry, and magnetic properties with a superconducting quantum interference device. To test the generalizability of this technology, the particle was conjugated to different antibodies targeting different diseases. A 12.5 and 20.9 signal-to-noise efficiency was found during in vitro studies for multiple sclerosis-targeting and cancer-targeting particles, respectively. Though there are many diagnostic applications of the current structure, the nanoparticle can also be developed into a drug delivery construct, where its superparamagnetic properties are utilized for hyperthermia and controlled drug release.

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