2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

Preparation and Characterization of Metal Organic Framework Structure Porous Materials for Hydrogen Storage

K-S Lin, C-T Hsieh and T.P. Perng
Yuan Ze University, TW

MOFs, Porous materials, Hydrogen storage, Surface modification, XANES/EXAFS

Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) are presently under substantial investigation due to their attractive properties and high potential as a new class of porous materials for hydrogen storage. From the unique structure design, MOFs with the combination of metal oxide clusters and organic linkers present great flexibility and porosity. Hydrogen is forecast to be a main source of clean energy recently. The safety and effective hydrogen storage would be important and practical problems. Therefore, the synthesis, characterization, and hydrogen storage capacity of MOFs structure porous materials were investigated. Experimentally, the dihydrogen adsorption isothermal of two MOFs (IRMOF-1 (Zn benzendicarboxylate) and IRNOF-8 (Zn naphthalendicarboxylate)) measured at 77-298 K up to the pressures of 1-10 atm, have been examined for corrections with their structural features. These materials display approximately type I isotherms with no hysteresis, and saturantion were nor reached for these two MOFs under theses conditions. The IRMOF-1 and IRMOF-8 linker structures show identical saturation values of 137 H2 molecules on a per unit cell basis, despite the higher sorption potential of IRMOF-8 of 6.1 kJ/mol over that of IRMOF-1 of 4.1 kJ/mol. In addition, the reaction mechanisms, fine structures, surface properties of MOFs were further identified by FE-SEM/EDS, XRD, XANES/EXAFS and TGA/MS techniques. Charge transfer between linker and vertex, as well as surface area, appear to dominate the sorption behaviour, over that of linker length in these two MOFs materials.

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