2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

Characterization of Organic Solar Cells Materials and Structures by Spectroscopic Ellipsometric and Porosimetry Technique

C. Defranoux, J.P. Piel, A. Bondaz and L. Kitzinger

organics solar cell, ellipsometry, refractive indices, microcavity, blend

Spectroscopic Ellipsometry (S.E) is a well adapted optical technique widely used for the characterisation of all types of thin films for thickness and optical indices on glass or plastic substrates. S.E. is also being applied to the characterization of materials and multilayer structures of organic materials like Organic Solar Cells. We present the determination of the refractive indices of organic Solar Cells materials like P3HT, PCBM, Pentacene, Perylene, and their blends. Complex organic materials can be analyzed accurately from their absorption bands in the visible and UV range. Transmission and absorption can be also measure at the same time and be used to determine the optical properties. Using these refractive indices, measurements of real multi-layer stacks can be done. The refractive indices can be used afterwards to automatically optimise and balance the energy flow dissipation Q inside an organic solar cell composed of a thin film stack. We present example performed on a single cell and tandem bi-layer cell structure. Since these materials are sensitive to moisture and pollution, it can be necessary to measure the materials optical properties and thickness values through an encapsulated media. We will demonstrate how we can measure single layer properties and multi -layer stacks, through encapsulated samples from the back side of the substrate. Backside measurement combined with a water vapour cell used for ellipsometry porosimetry is used to test the hard and thin film encapsulation.

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