2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

HiSIM-Varactor: Complete Surface-Potential-Based Model for RF Applications

M. Miyake, N. Sadachika, K. Matsumoto, D. Navarro, T. Ezaki, M. Miura-Mattausch, H.J. Mattausch, T. Ohguro, T. Iizuka, M. Taguchi and S. Miyamoto
Hiroshima University, JP

MOS-Varactor, RF-applications, carrier transit delay, capacitance, accumulation mode

For RF-circuit analysis, an accurate compact model for the MOS varactor is urgently desired. We have developed such an accurate MOS varactor model HiSIM-Varactor based on the surface-potential MOSFET model HiSIM. HiSIM-Varactor includes the majority carrier transit time, causing a formation delay of the accumulation/depletion condition. Good agreement with 2D device simulation result is verified up to 200GHz operation. The calculated quality factor is proved to deviate from linearity as a function of operation frequency due to the majority carrier transit delay.

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