2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

Electrodeposited InSb Nanowires for Infrared Photodetector Applications

M. Ibrahim Khan, X. Wang, X. Jing and C.S. Ozkan
University of California Riverside, US

InSb, infrared, detectors, electrodeposition, nnaowires, transmission electron microscopy

Here, according to the knowledge of the author for the first time we show the possibility of creating highly sensitive InSb nanowire photodetectors sensitive to infrared light by exploring the photoconducting properties of individual semiconductor nanowires as well as multiple nanowires. InSb nanowire arrays have been fabricated by direct current electrodeposition inside the nanochannels of anodic alumina membranes without subsequent annealing. The diameters of the nanowires were around 40 nm and 200nm. After Au contacts were patterned to the nanowires using electron beam lithography, photoresponse studies were conducted. Absorbance peaks were also recorded from free suspended nanowires. A significant response was observed when the wires were exposed to visible light and infrared absorption peaks were observed during absorption experiment. The nanowires also showed a considerable photoresponse under varying light intensities. Comparisons were also made between single and multiple nanowires’ responses. Based on the observations of the absorbance peaks and the conductivity of the InSb nanowires here, we show the possibility of creating highly sensitive InSb nanowire detectors. In future the light-induced conductivity increase might allow to reversibly switching the nanowires between OFF and ON states for application in High Electron Mobility Transistors [HEMT].

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