2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

Hydrogen Generation via Water Electrolysis Using Highly Efficient Nanometal Electrodes

R.B. Dopp and K. McGrath
DoppStein Enterprises/QuantumSphere, Inc., US

clean hydrogen, energy, water electrolysis, fuel cell

Energy supplies in the 21st century will be challenged as fossil fuel reserves decline, human consumption increases, and greenhouse gasses accumulate to further damage the atmosphere. These challenges will be met by innovative solutions to enable the hydrogen economy; to replace petrochemical fuels with hydrogen for use in fuel cells and internal combustion engines. One of the most difficult challenges is to produce hydrogen at a cost competitive with current fuel pricing (fossil or natural gas). QuantumSphere Inc. (QSI) has developed a disruptive technology to increase the efficiency of water electrolysis, utilizing its capability to manufacture high surface area nanometal particles (3-50 nm) by a scalable process. QSI has developed a unique electrode structure and device for alkaline water electrolysis by capitalizing on the enhanced surface area and catalytic reactivity of its nanometal catalysts. New electrode and system design allows for nearly a twenty-fold increase in clean hydrogen production rate, while maintaining efficiencies in excess of 85%. This surpasses the US Department of Energy (DoE) 2010 technical target of 75% hydrogen generation efficiency, while eliminating the need for platinum precious metal catalysts which further reduces electrolyzer cost. Achieving these levels of performance will help accelerate the hydrogen economy and could ultimately be used to generate clean burning fuel - on demand – for hydrogen fuel cells used in mass transportation

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