2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

Study on non-Freon air cooling system using water refrigerant

A. Sugawara, S. Nakamikawa, M. Kageyama, S. Yamazaki, N. Abe, T. Itou, A. Tsurumaki and K. Kawasaki
Niigata University, JP

Air Cooling System, Water, Vacuum pump, Temperature, COP

This paper aims for construction of a small, clean air cooling system using a water refrigerant and examines it experimentally. We offer a basic report for realization of the non-Freon air-cooling system using only water as a refrigerant. An experimental device consists of two groups, the first stage is composed a vacuum pump and a vacuum container of about 60 liters in volume, and the second stage has two heat exchangers (the one is heat load) and a water circulation pumps. The temperature characteristics of each place are measured by thermocouples. An air-conditioner indoor unit or a heater for as heat load was used; the air conditioning measurement and the energy were measured, respectively. Consequently, in air-cooling system used only water refrigerant, the ability to cool a room air enough was provided. The development of a new vacuum pump which can exhaust a large amount of water vapor is introduced as an appendix.

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