2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

Investigation of the hydrogen powered engine

A.J. Jin and F.M. Larsen
Hoda Global Company, US

cleantech, hydrogen technology, hydrogen economy, renewable energy, hydrogen powered engine

The cleantech in general has been developing rapidly so that it is currently creating a huge cross-industry business opportunity. Many government entities and companies are prompting rapid response in adopting the cleantech in order to alleviate the global warming, to stay competitive, develop, and expand the energy market opportunity. The space missions have been using the hydrogen as fuel source for rockets since 1970s. We just need to make consumer friendly product, more reliable and safe engines. The revolution of the hydrogen infrastructure may soon become so safe that it becomes an integral part of the society to have the environmental green and energy safe dreams. As both the technology matures and the commercial viability proven, the public will adopt this technology by adopting hydrogen economy. In this paper, we will report our patent pending technologies significantly improve the fuel efficiency and provide beneficial opportunity for clean, cost effective solution for hydrogen powered engines. Our proprietary method addresses the special challenges in hydrogen combustion, monitor, and control using our innovative nano-sensors technology. With the advent of hydrogen technology, we believe that the development and practice of the hydrogen-fueled commerce may be proven viable and profitable in five years.

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