2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

Synthesis of titanate nanotubes for hydrogen storage materials with different phase of TiO2 powders

D. Hyun Kim, J. Han Jho, M. Qamar, S-J. Kim and K. Sub Lee
Hanyang University, KR

titanate nanotubes, hydrothermal method, mechanical alloying, hydrogen storage material

Titanate nanotubes were synthesized by hydrothermal method with different NaOH concentration using various TiO2 powders as the starting materials at 120 for 24 hrs. And the sorption of hydrogen in titanate nanotubes was determined at room temperature and different pressure. At 10 M NaOH, Ni doped TiO2 powders formed the titanate nanotubes which consisted of layered structure. However, other TiO2 powders had mixture shape of nanotubes and sphere. Among the powders, the Ni doped nanotubes had the smallest diameter with outer and inner diameters of~ 10 nm and 6 nm, which used the mechanical alloyed Ni doped TiO2 powders as the starting materials. Ni doped TiO2 powders had the meta-stable phase due to the strain induced energy and lattice distortion during ball milling, therefore, it could be easy to dissolve in NaOH solution for formation of nanotubes. It was suggested that the diameter of nanotubes absolutely depended on the phase stability of TiO2 powder. Ni doped nanotubes absorbed small amount of hydrogen at 6 and 10 atm, however, 1.2 wt% of hydrogen were uptake at 20 atm. It is thought that the doped Ni could give an easy path to hydrogen diffusion into the interstitial cavities.

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