2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

A novel approach to antiviral therapies - applications to influenza (including pandemic), rabies, dengue, and other viruses

A.R. Diwan, J. Tatake, A.L. Onton, R.W. Barton and E. Seymour
NanoViricides, Inc., US

nanomedicine, antiviral therapy, pandemic influenza, rabies, immunotherapeutics, localized therapeutics, targeted therapeutics, site-directed therapeutics

A nanoviricide(tm) is a specifically targeted drug designed to bind, neutralize, dismantle and destroy viruses in an approach orthogonal to most current antiviral therapies. An anti-influenza nanoviricide, FluCide(tm), was shown to be as much as 8-10 times (800%-1,000%) more efficacious than oseltamivir in a time-of-survival quantitative comparison in mice infected with common influenza. In vitro activities of AviFluCide, specific to H5N1, and of FluCide, lead us to suggest that AviFluCide could be as much as 100-200X (10,000% to 20,000%) more efficacious in H5N1 avian influenza treatment than oseltamivir. Nanoviricides are being constructed against Rabies, Dengue virus and Hepatitis C virus. Our technology also enables the possibility of stockpiling one drug that can specifically attack a number of pathogens. Additionally, nanoviricides open up an interesting new approach to epidemic threat containment. Theoretically, a nanoviricide can be constructed against a field pathogen using antibody fragments as ligands, leading to the fastest possible response to a natural epidemic or bioterrorism threat. This is an interesting twist on ''personalized medicine'' wherein we can ''personalize'' against the specific infectious agent. Further studies are in progress and will be discussed.

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