2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

Novel Bio-Compatible Nano Particiles for Seeking Treating and Imaging Disease

R.C. Cornwall, M. Parette, J.H. Adair and M. Kester
Keystone Nano Inc., US

nanoparticles, drug delivery, functionalization, flourescence

Keystone Nano has developed surface functionalized, well-dispersed, bio-degradable nanocolloids from 5 to 50 nm with fluorophores and pharmacological agents embedded in the matrix, and the surface functionalized for targetting called Molecular DotsTM for treating disease. The particles are benign and bioresorbable. The broader implications of Molecular DotTM technology is profound in drug delivery and bioimaging. Molecular DotsTM are aqueous-based, nanocomposite colloids at physiological pH 7.4. In preliminary, preclinical trials, Molecular DotsTM without target macromolecular surface functionalization are non-toxic in both cell culture and animal models. The non-toxic calcium phosphate matrix in which fluorophores are embedded can also be embedded with therapeutic agents. Thus, the Molecular DotsTM are uniquely capable of simultaneous drug delivery and bioimaging providing a broad-based, non-toxic platform to simultaneously seek, treat, and track disease. They are fulfilling the promise of nanotechnology for drug therapy and bioimaging in a non-toxic, well-dispersed platform technology.

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